gabriel sky jones

A student of life, forever learning, forever growing. This is my way of life and my philosophy.

I thoroughly enjoy a good book, from a young age I was drawn down into the deep rabbit hole of fantasy. With my favourite book series being the Wheel of time. I submerged into non-fiction wanting to know more about the world. Where I found psychology and in particular neuropsychology. I have DR V. S. Ramachandran and his books to thank for this.

9 years of my life I have spent in Ireland, the furthest south-west you can go before meeting the Atlantic sea. Not much to do in this area apart from think, create and distract. I was already  a deep thinker but this time allowed me to explore the spiritual side of my life.

This deep thinking has allowed me to think outside the box and with that to propose some of the big unanswered questions.

With my experiences, my way of thinking and my ability to write I have put it all together to create this website, while also pursuing my dream as a writer.

If you love epic-fantasy or science fiction, check out my creative writing page.

If you like science, fringe-science, spirituality and where they all meet. Check out The Journey page.

If you are looking for writer. Content, blog, web design, ghost or book writing. Look no further, check out my freelance writing page.

Samples and Work.

          Uthra hesitantly walked out from the archway. His name had been called and this declared that it …

The conscious mind- “sentience or awareness of the internal or external existence” We all have one, we all use the rational and …

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