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Writing’s  of samples or previous work done.

Stories, ideas and more….

Take a look at individuals and their experiences with the extra-ordinary. Many people have an unheard story to be told. We will use the analytics of science and the illumination of spirituality to explore the universe.

about me

Even before I could write I was creating stories, recording ideas on a voice recorder. I did not know until recently that this could be a viable career. I felt my universe bend and fall into shape as I realised that my thoughts, my ideas, my creativity could all be put onto paper in some form or another. To be read and enjoyed by others.

For many years I have written my book, a long-winded process and all I have to show for it is a few chapters and a mind overfilled with characters, twists and plots. Sometimes this is all I want to do with my spare time. Though I will finish it someday, there are many other things I can use my ability to write for…and so a journey begins.

Welcome and thank you for reading.

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Gabriel Sky Jones

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Recent Thoughts, Published Work and Creativity.

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