Julia, Part 1- Synchronicity

Julia was Born in Meddon Street, Bideford, England. Close to the Grenville nursing home which still stands there today, she mentions that it would be natural and a circle of life for her to end up there. This is Julia’s way of being, always in touch with the universe and its nature. She is an upbeat person always curious, always exploring, she could chat for hours about the universe and in fact, we did. Julia had a rough upbringing her mother was in and out of psychiatric care and her family had very little in the way of money. Even during all these trials of early life, Julia had many interesting experiences describing an out of body experience she had in her cot. She didn’t know what it was back then but now looking back feels like this is the only thing it could be.

1995 was a big year, Julia describes it as “the year energised photons fell upon the earth allowing her and many people to open their eyes and see the world in HD”.

During the year of 1995, Julia and her sister went soul searching, exploring their spiritual side and the connection they have to the universe. At this time the best way to gain information about spirituality was to buy and read books. Mind-blowing in nature they came across a book called Celestine Prophecies, this for them coined the term synchronicity. Julia realised it was time for a change, recently her mother had passed away. She sold a lot of her stuff from the past getting rid of what she felt was the negative energies while also funding her journey. Following the signs of synchronicity, this path led her and her friend to Ireland. She mentions when in Ireland they used a crystal ball to find out where to go next, exploring the mysterious lights from the ball while adventuring through the country. Julia found it easier to reach another level of consciousness with fewer people in rural areas. At the pinnacle of her journey, in Future Forests a garden centre and cultural hub, she and her friend enjoyed living in a state of higher consciousness, “dancing with a goddess of nature”.

Synchronicity– finding coincidences that are far too meaningful to be a normal day to day experiences.

Carl Jung one of the great minds of psychology coined the term, seeing meaningful coincidences in his life. Unlike many of the pioneers of psychology at that time including Sigmund Freud, he never closed his mind to the possibility of something more, still referring to terms like soul, transcendence and god. This way of thinking allowed him to explore much of the fringe psychology that other psychologists would not touch upon.

Synchronicity in your life could be as simple as seeing repeated numbers, a great example of this is the time 11:11. You could be thinking about something and then it happens, being in the right place at the right time or dreaming about people, animals and places and then seeing them in your life. All of these are how synchronicity can come into your life. The chances of them happening are tiny and yet they happen. Why?

Many people believe that synchronicity is a ‘wink’ from the universe showing us that we are on the right path, or that these meaningful coincidences could be a form of guidance from our higher consciousness showing us where to go and what to do next. Both being a great source of information through times of enlightenment while also being a path to follow in times of struggles.

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